this is the part where emma zissou posts another of her lists of likes. she likes a lot of things, different things, it can be anything that is for her to like – from post-it notes to movies. (this will be a frequently updated page!)


This year is a bit deticated to do things yourself. To practice for school later on and for having other things to do. So far I made sirup, vinegar, lot’s of scarfs and other niftiy things myself. It has an absolut calming effect on the stressed mind.

I don’t know where he came from (well he is from England but I doubt it, I suspect some outherspace heritage) and I don’t what his voice does to me, but his interpretation of Feist “limit to your Love” shot to fandom in an instant and his way with “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchel is just magnificent. He is jsut incredible.

Needles, some yarn, an idea and off you go. Knitting is good for the brain and you can produce something wearable and of your own while listen to good books or music or watch tv. And by the end of yarn, you’ve got something very beautiful.

Selfmade music compilations. Choosen songs for the people you like. Choosen songs to a specific topic. A good mixtape is not easy to do, especially for someone you like or someone you know has a eclectic taste in music. But if you go with your gut and if it tells a little story, at least for you. It’ll be a good mixtape.

I love good food. Selfmade dinners, little new recepies, going to the market and choosing what you want to make. Bring it home, have fresh things in your kitchen. Cooking, the preping, the smells, the textures, the process, the taste of things. It’s a family tradition, to cook & host. I love it and I can’t remember a time where there weren’t people at our home and my mom cooked simple but delicious things. Lot’s of laughter and candlelight and light music. The gatherings are a really favourite and prominent memory of mine. And I love when I invite people and cook for them and make them feel at home and at ease.

Those mystical whimsical fluid figurines that live in the sea and depending in wich mythology you look, they are daughters of gods or evil creatures seeking destruction for seamen. Yet they are fascinating myths and currently the mermaid hair is getting en vouge again. I remember that Arielle the little Mermaid played a huge part in my life when I was a child, I remember pretending to swim like one wherever I went to the pool.
Now, what is left is this free unhindered spirit to life your life a bit wilder – chasing mermaids can be a great metapher.

No matter how often, or how many times in a row I watched it. FRIENDS never grows boring. It’s so simpe, the jokes are good and bad. But the Friendship never fails. It’s love in 20minute snippets.

I simply adore the simple things. It’s quite amazing that you can do those things out of one sheet of paper, by simply folding it certain ways. I have a little repertoire consisting of the famously boat and a crane. I still need to perfect the butterfly as well as my big big goal a pegasus. Fold up! (and ignore the crappy music!!!)

I do not like music. I absolutely love music. and this band fits so well in the moment and the season. when summer turns into autum. and you want to keep the sun as long as you can but you also love to see the leafs turn their color again. check them out and hopefully their music carry you through my favourite season.

The other thing besides mustachios, are unicorns, arielle and glitter! The uberkitsch things brighten my days.
On the cornify page you can not only upgrade a picture of yourself too sparkly awesomeness, but also you’re ablto to color in unicorns and find out other sparkly things. Even Obama got cornified! well I know oyu want to!

You know the feeling. You’re tired and your batterie runs on low. Back in the days, I had to take naps and I never wanted to. Similar to the Toy Story I thought the cool things happend always while I was asleep. But today I am wiser. The cool things happend if you’re well rested and feel refreshed.
Yesterday for example, I took a blanket and lay down in our garden for 30min. After that I felt like I could be brain and take over the world. NARF! I know, cool right!
So, take your blanket and Powernap (no longer than 30mins) I DARE YOU! zzzZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZ zzzZZZzzz zzZz

dont let people happen to you
We can’t let people happen to us. That is true. We should not let people happen to us. or moments without realizing them for what they are. But fear not, this is not a thing you can pick up on, this is something you have to learn. failure is good, failure is progress. it’s is good.

since I was little saturday is my favourite day of the week. you can sleep in as long as you want and you can go to bed when you want. and usually a saturday feels like it lasts forever. I try to enjoy it every week, with fleamarkets or inviting friends over for brunch, or slunch or dinner. this is the one day that feels like holiday.

[ fika] swed. verb.: the swedish tradition to go and take a coffee break or invite friends for coffee.
It’s such a lovely thing to do. bake a cake, make a coffee, invite your friends and sit out- or inside.

they are pretty. they make you see the world in different colors, shapes and the patterns are crazy. they can make you see things differently, literally and metaphorically.

nach den Winter muss man sich ein wenig auf den Frühling vorbereiten. Ein paar Schichten abschütteln, ein wenig Sachen wegräumen, ausmisten. Altes gehen lassen, damit man neues besser festhalten kann. Ich sitze grade am Schreibtisch und schmeiß Zettel um Zettel weg! Tabularasa!

egal ob uno uno oder “wer bin ich?” oder 3 stunden siedler von catan. spieleabende sind super. neustes spiel “der name der rose”… haben william von baskerville und adson in sean connery und christian slater umbenannt. definitives entertainment ;)

we have one in the little town where I study. It’s really awesome. the show the little art movies that never get played, wich is a crime to good taste and awesome movies. and they host the annual poetryslams and have sunday matineés with our philosophy professor. I still need to go to that. oh and they sell this really really good beer.

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” { Beyoncé }
it’s catchy. it’s this ridiculous dance. it’s a damn feel good song. even the “grunge/indie” roomster has it one the playlist and it’s the saturday morning dance in our apartment…

packpapier ist so ein universaltalent. perfekt für collagen oder um dinge einzupacken. und es ist recyclebar.

So, I found Dave Eggers a while ago, he wrote this book about the present america. and mc sweeney’s is his founded independet publishing house. and so after clicking through the mc sweeney webs I found this site were they recommend things they like. and shamelessly got inspired. so there you have it.
they have a great great list of things they like. maybe you like them too. you can find the link on the dooblydoo on the right side ;)

oh and here you can read a sample of one of my favorite books of eggers “WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE”.


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