use your other tounge, dear friend !!!

man hat gesagt ich schreib so schön. oh komplimente. das ist ja eines meiner talente. komplimente bekommen und schwierigkeiten damit haben sie  anzunehmen und überhaupt. auf sätze wie: “soll ich dir deine bücher tragen!“, antworte ich “du bist ja süß, aber ich trage meine bücher alleine!“. (nicht eine meiner sternstundenmomente) vielleicht einer der treffendsten sätze […]

the sum of some parts don’t make things a whole – lot of it

What makes us unique? what kind of things sets us apart from others? why is something somebody is doing THE IT and something somebody other does NOT IT ? there are times where two worlds collide and you get mashed up with different people and you can see, for a split second the distinct shifts […]

I have a kaleidoscope and with that, I am building worlds…

the thing is, I don’t know exactly how to rely on my feelings anymore. not that I have them anymore. on the contrary I am overfilled with emotions and feelings and thoughts. but I don’t know what to make of them anymore. because it ends in confusion sometimes. this is such an old song, right? […]

sometimes you just stumble and where you land you never know…

the thing is. we all seem to just looking for one thing. all the time. love. seriously, the one thing that drives us is finding love and sometimes you get the feeling that people mistake it for a possession when it is nothing but a gift. you look around and you met advertisments for finding […]