Monday: A message in a bottle from my sisterfromanothermister and first day of dance rehearsals. Another story brought me out of a loop into a new one. Modern Dance might be my new favourite.
Tuesday: Lots of sore muscles and another day filled with learning how to fly and climb on backs of other people. We danced in boxes and filled the inbetweens. I wasn’t so sure of myself anymore and it showed.

Wednesday: A basket full of apples and redridinghood thoughts. I taught some more english and learned a lesson in self confidence. We sang and I saw happiness in people.

Thursday: I learned how to fit without hurting. I learned how to make my heart light and letting go. I practiced silly faces.
Friday: No school and penguinbreakfasts. Picknicks on blankets and one amazon. The end of a great week and the not letting go.

Saturday: SLEEP

Sunday: Brunches and Traditions


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