Broken cars and berry treats. Conversations with two-year olds and bubbles that were bigger than my head.
When friday came the holidays started. Two weeks of hanging loose and a trip to Marrakech.

The holidays started with theater. Getting into the mood of a person who is in a mental facility is quite a challenge.
But it’s a good one. There were lots of conversations, singing, coffee breaks,  water ballons and water guns.
Our theater group feels like a wild bunch of siblings and while we watched Monty Pythons And now for something completely different… I sat between my big brother one and two.

Sunday came and after we said goodbye nobody left and we stayed outside talking.
That feeling, were you want to rewind and see it all from the very start. A pause button for your favourite moments. That’s what I want to have. In two months this adventure will end with a bang. I have to think for a cliffhanger.



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