New Darling #17

I’ve been in and out the vlogbrothers universe. I watched when they were just talking to each other. I skipped the whole part of Nerdfighteria and how it became a universe. But I love to return there, from time to time.
This time, especially after reading “The Fault In Our Stars”. I can’t say it changed my life. But it is one of the most beautiful written stories I read in a long time. And I fell in love with the characters but much more with the language of John Green. The banter, the dialogues, the crafted story and the tempo. The parts where you burst out laughing, and the part where you get heartbroken by what you can’t just make to disappear. And the little wise words that are for you to discover in that book.

Now, as in last year, they launched another awesome Project Crash Course – a teaching blog, about all the things that are teachable. And then some.

The French Revolution

Catcher in the Rye

How and Why we read


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