I sleep under the roof in the house at the gracht. Everything is white and wooden. The windows are huge. If you ignore the fact that everything is not cleaned and the furniture is kind of wasted. It is the perfect spot for living in Amsterdam.
When I sit in the livingroom I can see the Muziektheater, and the big Amstel river.

The people ride their bikes, they carry their whole live on a bike. The bikes are coloured in every color their is, most are bruin or dark green. And the peopleare so well dressed. A girl with a white bike drove by, she was dressed in red. And a red cape with white polkadots. red on white with polkadots – picture perfect.

Every old house, or most of them or only just a few have a family sign at their front. So poeple know who lived their and what their profession was. A lof of people should have such signs today.

Someone lovely wrote me a list of amsterdam things, or a letter of things to see and do. I finished a few things. One of them was to try something orignal dutch. Bitterballen and some Bear. Some fried potato with meatballs in it. Delicious.


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