days dripping by. stopping, moving faster and then slow again.
saturday feels like a stretch, a good one. a good stretch after a week full of sitting at your desk trying to come up with good things to say about your thesis paper.

a week full of new things and old things.
things come to the surface again and others fall down.
you fall down and then you stand up again.
essentials are casual things. cottonclouds and grey skies.

teacups full of perhaps. phone calls from farawayplaces.
daydreams of new york and fresh flowers on your windowsill.
music from back in the days and laughter in good moments.
little messages about nonsense and thoughts that can move mountains. maybe.
saturday always feels like a little stretch, into the new direction.

and then there is spring and hibernation is over. the sentences are no longer just pieces,
but thought through and whole and ready to be said. and done.
smiles coming back. the sun too. people faces. glowing.
good talks. nights like 10 years ago. happy ends or happy beginnings. all is good.



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