A few new things at the like-list of mine…

Spelled with a z these days, because that is how the cool kids do it. So silly bandz are practically rubber bands you wear around your arms, like bracelets. It’s the new thing and guess who owns a unicorn with glitter. yes!

I don’t know where he came from (well he is from England but I doubt it, I suspect some outerspace heritage) and I don’t know what his voice does to me, but his interpretation of Feist “limit to your Love” shot to fandom in an instant and his way with “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchel is just magnificent. He is just incredible.

Having a hobby is good. Having a daily ritual is good. Keeping track of your years with a photo each day. Where each picture stands for a day. It’s not always easy but it’s fun to see the change a year and watch your photographic eye have practise every day. Sometimes you forget to take one, that is not so bad, the key is to finish it. To work on your ritual. For me, my picture dairys are great memories to look at.

Needles, some yarn, an idea and off you go. Knitting is good for the brain and you can produce something wearable and of your own while listen to good books or music or watch tv. And by the end of yarn, you’ve got something very beautiful.

Couscous or Bulgur is the current favourite dish to do. It’s so simple and you can combine it with so much good stuff. All your favourite veggies, or with fish or meat. Pour hot water, add some instant veggie-stock to it. Let it rest for 5 minutes. Voila. Couscous is ready. Now you can mix red lentils (rote Linsen) and add some sour cream. A perfect dish!

Self-made music compilations. Chosen songs for the people you like. Chosen songs to a specific topic. A good mix tape is not easy to do, especially for someone you like or someone you know has a eclectic taste in music. But if you go with your gut and if it tells a little story, at least for you. It’ll be a good mix tape.

I love good food. self-made dinners, little new recipes, going to the market and choosing what you want to make. Bring it home, have fresh things in your kitchen. Cooking, the prepping, the smells, the textures, the process, the taste of things. It’s a family tradition, to cook & host. I love it and I can’t remember a time where there weren’t people at our home and my mom cooked simple but delicious things. Lot’s of laughter and candlelight and light music. The gatherings are a really favourite and prominent memory of mine. And I love when I invite people and cook for them and make them feel at home and at ease.
Life is too fucking short for bad, nasty food! Good food and you live a good life.


4 thoughts on “EMMA ZISSOU LIKES…

  1. Änni, wann machen wir einen Couscous-Verspeis-Yummie-Abend? Ach, lass uns eine ganze Nacht draus machen! :D

    & von dir mag ich auch mal ein Mixtape haben. Weil Mixtapes sind liebe. Gell!

    • du, nach meiner abschlussarbeit, hab ich wieder ein wenig zeit für so tolle dinge! da mach ich dir ein mixtape und vielleicht klappt ja ein kleiner ausflug nach münchen!
      weil auf southside schaffs ich leider nicht dieses jahr!

      na? na?

  2. YAY! Bis Mitte August kannst du dann auch Gast in dieser wundervollen Wohnung hier sein!! Dann bin ich weg!


    • Super! Na, da muss ich mal demnächst ein kleines bisschen Zeit frei schaufeln! Ab August muss ich ja fürs Staatsexamen lernen!

      Also muss es davor sein, bevor du weg gehst. Wohin eigentlich?

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