24 things to go

only 24 days toll christmas and while we are at it, the christmas stress and the gift getting and the festivness feeling. let’s have a little countdown and see what 24things we can find in the interweb that is fun and is NOT  “the song who never should be named or heard ever again!”

so 24 days to merry!


p.s. the emmazissou christmas game goes like this:

wham! invented this aweful aweful song that is played up and down every year since it’s existance and it annoys the crap out of me and everybody that I know.

so, in order to make life a bit more fun and because I like to invent new christmas traditions I play this game every year to avoid hearing that song from wham! and have my christmas spirit ruined! the rule is very simple – just avoid this damn “song that shall not be named or heard ever again!

let’s be merry and play!


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