it does not take very much

it’s so simple. all I need is a bed, a table and a chair. somewhere to wash my face and to cook little things.
and then I need a camera and a ticket for one month. I love the berlin subway stations. it’s like this art exhibition that nobody knows of but sees everyday.
I started to take pictures of the subway stations when I was in New York last year and now I will do the same in Berlin. And hopefully I can catch as much stations as possible during this month.

berlin is good to me. it’s people are grumpy but lovely. it’s facades are beautiful but neglected. it’s backyards are hidden but to beautiful to miss!

but I do miss home. how could I not.


4 thoughts on “it does not take very much

  1. Was für eine schöne Idee! Am Wittenbergplatz gibt es ein original London-Subway-Sign. Das würde sehr gut in Deine Sammlung passen. Und der U-Bahnhof Westhafen darf definitiv auch nicht fehlen … you’ll know why, when you see it!

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