Your secret on Vimeo

the little things in life. the subtle things that are always there but you forgot how to look or recognize them.

to look in the right places or don’t miss the right moments. you have to learn it again, or get a reminder.

this little video that MARTIN shared with me is a post-it note for you&me. to take a moment and take a deep breath and remember the little things.

my little things today:

+ got a good morning skypecall
+ listend to the 3???
+ got a call that said I will get kidnapped and driven to a little lake where I can put my feet in it and then jumo in and cool down
+ someone special sended me this video
+ will watch soccer at the second favourite place this week
+ realized that I am over parts of my past and can have tea-time with my fear now more often!

( via Your secret on Vimeo. & KITSUNE NOIRE)


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