previously on emma zissou

the light in my home is always so warm and makes freaky patterns. you almost could assume I’m one of those design people. I am not, I just have a wannabe Ted Mosby/ Tim Taylor as a dad. and he did all the lengthy windows that make me have 16:9 vision into the world.

oh! and I was at the premier of sex and the city2. well at the premier du provence I’d like to call it. the little hometown cinema was in sex and the city hollywood disguise. red carpet and white limousine and topless ice cream guy and all. I hate these chippendale-woman/ cougars who lust after young boys and treating them as objects. I hate it as much as men do it with women. and well, what I did think about the movie – we all know.

the coffeemaschine at home is godsend. although the foam isn’t that spectacular, but the dad is hooked on this italian beans and so am I. and he is keeping father-daughter croissant tradition dearly. mjum!
other than that, the day is spend with writing and making pictures. but the best part was sleeping in the garden on the lawn for an hour.

spend my day packing and visiting the rock’n’roll grandma. she is turning 90 this year and every time I visit her she gives me flowers and tells me a secret about her life or about how to make things. I love her dearly and I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns 100.

waking up and feeling good. packing and departing. this and that. unpacking and arriving. work and fun. saturday happened in pairs.

more work and deadlines. empire waists and spencer jackets. maybe I learn more about me than about the things.

and I am back in the game. supposed things did not happen, unsuspected things did. I was back at the theater again and it felt good. to be the tutor of the theater group in my university. something I am very good at. people, theater and creating group work.
and then back at home, you’re exhausted! happy but dead.

blogging for the sneakergirls. blogging for the uni, or sitting in the cafeteria writing your presentation. texting little messages to bubblegumboys or cats or owls. finding funny songs. and feeling ridiculously happy that there is a concert she can go to.
clap your hands twice!! band du jour. riot on a dance floor with a beer in my hand and the friends for dancing. perfect combination of concerts, in my world.

tune in next time… when emma zissou really tries to write about something worthwhile. or even more pictures.


4 thoughts on “previously on emma zissou

  1. Kasch echt nit amigs dini Blogiträg hinter as “More” oder as “Weiterlesen” tua? Will denn könntsch au dBilder kli grösser dritua. Isch nämli kli schad um dia Bilder. Dia wären viel schöner wenn grösser wären.

    Alles verstanden? :-)

    • si claro! wenn ich rausgefunen habe wie es geht wirds so gemacht =)

      wobei ich das format eigentlich so gerne mag…

      aber für style machen wir ja viel, ne?

      I sollt dir grad emol uf schwäbisch antworta, aber es sieht so häßlich aus, deshalb lass ichs grad bleiba!

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