instant perspective

, originally uploaded by emmazissou.

trapped. sometimes I feel trapped. In patterns that were made for me long ago. or patterns that I picked up on myself. and to break out of them is fairly hard. or to substitute them is even more dangerous.
not all of them are negative, but the realization that some are negative takes time. too much sometimes.

I gravitate towards these patterns. because who doesn’t need that. instant feedback. well done. I like that.
but what I need more, or work on is the instant feedback I give myself for things. thankfully I realize that while beeing trapped in patterns.

maybe that is why I really love my new kaleidoscope. It gives instant change of perspective. not to be dependable. on opinions or feelings.
not to be a puppet on strings that others tie around my limbs.

I can make patterns of my own now. I can see for myself, how good some things are that I make.
another one is stumble upon inspiring people that make awesome things and appreciate them.

and then I think, I should feel pissed more often! it’s cleansing.


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