how to look like your shirt print!

there are moments, and I can’t help but wonder how they happend and why and then I say fuck it! And I enjoy them, as much as I can.

we shouldn’t think so much all the time. we should start enjoying more, not thoughtless and hedonistic, but more aware that little things can make happy.

one of these things that make me happy are the people I stumble upon and their ways to make people happy just because they have silly ideas ,that are exactly the kind of silly that make more people feel like a part of something. something equally silly and therefore awesome.

so my friend Lisa made a group of her little project: How to look like your shirt print! on a grey monday at facebook!!!

soon everybody felt the little t-shirt tsunami and started making funny potraits where they looked like their shirt print! and they actually really look like them.

and it’s these little creative things that make me a happy silly emmazissou! do join!

AND I really really need to make shirts now!


12 thoughts on “how to look like your shirt print!

    • Ich bitte um heftigste Partizipation ihrerseits, mit den tollsten shirts aus ihrem repertoire!

      There can’t be enough fools looking like their t-shirts ;)

  1. Also, Pardon, nicht ein paar. Lediglich eines. Das mit Panic. Aber ich sehe wo das hinführt und mir gefällt es. :-)
    Soll ich mich allenfalls da mal beteiligen?


  3. maybe i will. although i really don’t know how: i could paint my face black in order to look like my black shirt. we’ll see.

    • oh boy! only black. no band-shirts… maybe I should make you a moustache shirt ;)

      on other things: I really really love the junge /maedchen blog. it’s a nice perspective change on things and thoughts. great work.

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