they make everything so complicatimated

It’s supposed to be my last year of university, in about a year I will be finished and there is so much to do now. get the right facts for your last exams, find a topic for your big big thesispaper. collect starstickers, without earning browniepoints (just for your own consience) for little thesispapers. general participation and learning anything I never knew about grammerrules (not that this would be not needed) that I didn’t know before. their game is ridiculous.

so in general I’ve got 954908543 things to do, while a few other things I need to do. and sometimes I think I am not old enough to balance life & work. well at least in an semi-sane way. ohter times I am doing good, thank god.

but there are the little projects on the side that help to get through dull boring university. sometimes these things count so much more than they should, but I can’t help myself.

maybe they don’t make everything so complicatimated. sometimes I can do complicatimation so good that I can’t figure things out myself. sometimes it’s a trick to disguise the real issues. but that everybodys ridiculous game.

so this last year I do it emma zissou style: think. pause. hit it !!!


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