MJAW #11 & #55

, originally uploaded by emmazissou.

#11: Photograph a scar on yourbody or on someone else’s body. Make it a close-up shot so that it shows just the scar. Include a story.

(you can see it on my little pinkie, very faintly though)

This scar is propably at least 10 years old. It reminds me of our first cat. Findus. I remember that I wanted a pet as a child and keep pestering my parents about getting one.

So what I got were goldfishes. In a bowl. Yeah, I am a pisces but I am not good with fish. So one day the bowl broke, but I saved them. Still they died of stress soon afterwards.

So, one day my parents went for a walk and when they came back, my father had something sitting on his shoulder. It was a cat. A little male cat.

My scar is from one time I fed him and cut myself on the catfood can.

We named him Findus and he was a smart cat. One day he didn’t come home. I still don’t know what happend to him.

Maybe the subtext is about things that happen to you when you least expect them.

#55: photograph a significant outfit

I wore this when I met you. We didn’t know each other at all and then we started talking about the little things. nonsense. and after that I knew a little about you and you knew a little about me.


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