miranda july assignments week (MJAW)

[ 088 | 365 ], originally uploaded by emmazissou.

she is a modern magician, that I deeply believe in. she makes us see the simple things and the magic of it. and I hope to learn to love (?) (!) myself more. or as someone close to me said, she creates ideas.

so for this week I decided to do a miranda july week and see what changes after doing that.

if you want to learn something from stefan and his assignments you click HERE!!!! highly recommended.

so to kick off miranda july assignment week (MJAW) I chose

Assignment #27 – take a picture of the sun

i found this broken bottles, these huge italian wine bottles in our backyard. I love the shade of green in it. it was a really nice day. after I took that the friends called for a trip to the city and a gamenight.


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