away we go

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and I couldn’t help but wonder, that sometimes everything I need is just a little “away we go”.

It lifts your mind from things you tend to circle around, again and again. you can think yourself into oblivion till nothing makes sense anymore, or everything makes to much sense.

so you pack your things and go away. I visited a very good friend. The last time I saw her was last year. Since then we called each other rather sporadically. not much, on both sides, alhtough so many things happend.

and then I arrived at the train station and went outside to meet her and it didn’t took 2 minutes till I spotted her. and nothing changed. well of course, we both turned a year older and the hair is a bit longer and maybe there are a few more wrinkles around the eyes, from laughing and crying to much.
but the heart is still the same. it will not change so fast. why should it?

so we went to see a movie and have dinner before. we sat in this awesome turquoise vinyl seats. we told each other the stories we needed to tell. we laughed a lot. we felt refreshed and we saw shutter island. I fell asleep, but for like a few seconds here and there.

a damn good movie I have to see again

the next day we woke up, got ready and went into the city. I bought these new shoes, well among other things. but I fell in love with these shoes. they’re so simple. just like I like it sometimes.

(to her credit, she will from now on be my person shopper!!!!)

and we went to our favourite cafe. sat outside in the sun, because it was the first warm day of spring this year.

the wierd and the thing I love about her the most is, I always feel at home. and saying nothing for awhile isn’t awkward, because she shares a bit of my heart and I share a bit of hers. She understands me, inside and out. and I listen as well as tell her.

and I still wonder sometimes how much space there is, for the people I already know, or if there are a few more people like her I still have to met. yet.

I hope I do and I hope more that the ones that share a bit of my heart will stay till I am really really old and live in a house by the sea with a garden, where I sit everyday and all my friends come by. because like me they can feel at home.


2 thoughts on “away we go

  1. i can’t not stare at learning to love you more in this picture. this beautiful thing (it’s much rather to be called an idea, i guess). and yes: away we go. to me this is equivalent to expressing your emotions and satisfying your desires.
    to buy shoes and to walk in them until they fall apart. These days the street might even feel warm against the soles of our feet.

    • isn’t it so wonderful that this book is full of simple things, so simple they reduce everything on it’s most common denominator. it’s how you should open your eyes and learn to see.
      IDEA is the best description I heard so far!!!

      these days are filled with spring, it makes me happy. it just needed a little sun and new shoes.

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