music is my girlfriend, note #1

it’s empty in the valley of your heart/ the sun it rises slowly as you walk/ away from all the fears and all the faults you left behind….

I don’t remember when the fuzz was all about them. I stumbled over them last year in november, but it’s now that I have my mind set for them. sometimes I let music stew for a while. simmer. I don’t listen to the lyrics the first time I hear a song. I listen to the feeling I get.

with them, I listend to the lyrics as well and they remind me of summer and adventures and sitting on balconys and rooftops, with your friends and a beer in your hand. or a gin tonic, if you are a girl like me. and you watch sunsets and you hear crickets.

and they remind me of the sea. harsh and salty.

and then I found this. in a bookshop. how perfect.


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