melt yourself away

so there was weekend and now the next weekend is right before the doorstep. and last weekend it looked like spring, but I think it was just mr. winter in disguise having fun fooling everybody that thought, I could buy some new shoes, snow is almost gone, yes to new shoes.

so that’s what I did. bought new shoes. little brown halfankleboots. for spring and for me beeing a woman. like I do need a reason to buy shoes. if you’d know me, you would know I am the girl with the tiniest shoe collection ever. some think it’s sad. maybe. maybe not.

well, so mrs. spring I don’t know what happend to you. got stuck in traffic, fell off a cliff, traveld the world and missed your flight? I don’t know where you are and what you’re doing. but PLEASE you had almost a year of holidays and now it’s businesstime here in the northern part of the world, to make spring happen.

LET’S MAKE SOME SPRING WITH MUSIC  !!!                                                        a great site, where your mood can chooses the music. I felt like spring today…


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