the new york state of mind

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it has been almost one year. and there is hardly a day without feeling a bit like the city that never sleeps.

it has the same heartbeat as me. new york. and I still didn’t see everything I wanted but it was enough to miss it, this much.

I remember conversations, or the man who played saxophone in central park at the rumble. beatles covers and whatnot. I remember walking to strawberry field and thinking, there are no strawberries and I passed by a million of benches, all with little tags on it.

“For Ella, may her rebellious spirit live on!”

I remember going to coney island and walking along the beach. thinking what is must have been when the wonderwheel was still running, and people were buzzing. now it’s a ruin. it was the first sunny day in new york, fanny told me. we brought spring, she laughed while saying that. I liked that. I still do.

I fondly remember getting tips for the best bagels in new york. Ess-A-Bagel. The famous jiddish bagel bakery, with the 60+ men behind the counter. real new yorkers. dishing out and having a funny joke to tell everytime we went there. one almost proposed, I could stay there, be his teacher. I declined but left happily.

I made memories in new york, and I am sad they are memories. but also I remember it day by day and if the homesickness get’s to much, I listen to billie joels song, or watch sex and the city or dream and invent new york stories in my head.

New York, I MISS YOU!!!


4 thoughts on “the new york state of mind

  1. that sounds like a great year. do you ever want to go back and stay there longer?

    i do the same thing with berlin. or vancouver. randomly thinking about either the café just outside my door with my friends in it or dream about the rainforest, where i could just stand forever. just looking. big-eyed and -nosed :)

    • I’d love to go back to new york. in an instant I’d go if I could. If I would stay there longer… sometimes I think, of course it is easy. It’s a city… sometimes I think I am not cut out for it. Depends on the opportunity I get and if ever and I don’t know if I wanna go there alone… I don’t know. no, it’s new york. I’d go. for sure.

      Travelling without moving isn’t that bad, but real travelling is so much better.

    • It is. everything at the same time. maybe this is how to be a cosmopolitan beeing. falling in love with places and little things.

      I wonder wich city I can fall in love with too. what is yours, apart from london?

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