seriously, it is like the radio-voodoo-magic thing..

remember this, when you’re getting in your car, if you have one. and start the engine and turn on the radio, if you have a radio in your car.

and the radio in 95,6% of the time just nails the right song for your mood. the other 4,4% are the news or horendous commercials. well that was back in the days were the music tastes didn’t differ so much, because you didn’t know jackshit about music or different bands. but what remains, basically, is that the song fits you and your current mood and it always maks you wondering how in the hell they do that.

well, I still don’t know how the fuck this works. I usually blame it on the x files aliens, that are the grey men that pull all the strings. I mean, if I had a say in things concerning radios and music-world-domination, than I surely would pull the strings that every human beeing or unicorn that still parades the world, could have their personal mood song starting the second when they get into their car and turn the radio on, as well.

this is how I would rule the world. with music not with money, because seriously all the money in the world sometimes is not worth anything if there isn’t the right music for the right moment. (well you know, apart from when you really really want to have a new SRL camera or a snobphone…)

and then I found this blog, were you just hit play (and if you like press the SHUFFLE button too) and then there is nothing much you have to do, but listen and start dancing. oh and of course wondering how they master this radio-voodoo-magic thing with playing all the songs that fit to all the things that are in my head or in my imaginary music-empire where I pull the strings. if I had one.

because this two (I am not quite sure because they must have some trained monkeyarmy that help them find all this gems) guys made this wonderful music mixtape site were you can find everything. from the tiniest indie band to the big names with the big guns, to the subtle, underrated songs from bands you know such a long time, that they remind you why you listen to them. or in many of my times I found a new band and asking myself why didn’t I start to listen to them earlier. from ambient to zipedidoo-dah. every thing.

oh and a bonus, are all the little comments they put under each selected song.  mostly concerning, ninja, pirates and unicorns.

instead of these gem-finding-quirkie-comment/recommendation-writing skills, I have mad cap-knitting skills were I pull the strings and in tiny breaks was lucky enough to find this website. LEFT AS RAIN


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