the sum of some parts don’t make things a whole – lot of it

What makes us unique?

what kind of things sets us apart from others? why is something somebody is doing THE IT and something somebody other does NOT IT ?

there are times where two worlds collide and you get mashed up with different people and you can see, for a split second the distinct shifts of dynamics.

there is the one side, were image is everything. the right outfit, music taste, the right clubs you go to, the people you know, the circles you skate in. these kind of things. there is another side, where you judge what you see in front of you and there is the other side that would choose heart over outfit, anyday.

there are images that you already have looked at. where you’ve seen things again and again and again and so on. repetitiv. boring. not authentic.

and that’s what I think is the main part of beeing unique. beeing authentic. and not a poster copy of things you see. but it’s a thin line. a very thin line.

because we see about 10.000 images a day. we get inspired by pictures that portray certain styles, poses, lifestyles. dreams and scenarios. good or bad. ugly or beautiful. and we have to decide what fits us and what doesn’t. and usually there are some people who make these images and then you wonder – why they have this inner inutition that can produce pictures or words or things or whatever that other reblog, repost, gush and wonder about?

and then there are copycats. but let’s not loose a single thought about copy anything. at all – it’s about having your own voice.

so when I think about beeing unique I always think about aloofness.  it’s entwined, it’s a love and hate relationship of this two things. it get’s confusing to judge. and we do judge and categorize things just about in every second we breath. sort the chaos. filter things.

uniquness. finding your own thing. a lot of people do the same I do. they take pictures, the have blogs a twitter or whatever. but it’s how you choose to use it. and I learned that share what you have to say is not easy. there are always people with opinions. not all of them are nice. and that’s a good thing.

or sharing and showing who you are. it’s a brave thing. you let people see how you are, to a certain extend. the inside of your head. unique or not. beeing, not try to be. semantics. IT.

I am beeing, I am trying ;)


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