george harrisson is my birthday beatle


let me just say that without making a big deal out of it. let’s just pretend it’s a day like any other and i walk into you in the street and whipser to you (right in the middle of the street, while crossing it): let this day be all yours. you deserve it. all the best, dear.

xxx poetryboy

the heart is buzzing, because so many think about me. and I am so thankful for each and everyone. and I don’t like the big fuzz with all the well wishes and the you have to do something extraordinary.

I already have extraordinary people and friends and a cat. they are all a bit loopy. hopefully they never change, you heard me !!!

and the roomster, I love her, put up a banner in the living room and gave me bubbles !!!

so enjoy my day, the sun and do something nice !!! ♥


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