sometimes you just stumble and where you land you never know…

the thing is. we all seem to just looking for one thing. all the time. love. seriously, the one thing that drives us is finding love and sometimes you get the feeling that people mistake it for a possession when it is nothing but a gift.

you look around and you met advertisments for finding the “perfect” partner for you. or on parties the majority of people is just there to find someone. and sometimes I think they just miss the point. we live in this world that constantly throws us for loops – drilling in our heads that you aren’t somebody unless you have found the one who loves you. just for who you are. but how many can say who they are, when they’re constantly looking and try to express themselves and travel and make art und breath and try to finish things.

I mean do they really take their time and listen to themselves anymore, because it is intuition that tells you what to do or who you are. instead I feel that so many have lost the ability to listen.

we are more concerned in expressing than listening. or we are degraded to listeners and forget how to tell things we feel. unbalanced.

and than there are moments, were you stumble into situations you kind of thought won’t happen that way. but they do. and you wonder about things. love. yes, especially. and then you tell yourself don’t go head over heals, if you land on your ass you break your heart.

and then you laugh, because hearts don’t break that easily and sometimes you have to throw them like a boomerang. or like a pirate, overboard and getting yourself into an adventure. who knows?

and conversations you have with people. often they follow a certain patterns. latley, all I people tell me are music bands, book titels, movie recommendation and where I got the stuff I wore from because I look good.

well I am used to some to some of them, but the looking good thing is still vaguely familiar. not that I don’t like it. but it makes me breath faster and glowing brighter. not necessearly a bad thing. not at all.

and than in tiny moments I do have this kind of converstations that I want to have printed in a book. to never loose them because every single sentence makes so much sense and is so full of thruths I didn’t know before and not because they tell you what to do or paint everything pink and happy. no, because some hurt and some are not pretty but these words are real. key word: reality.

something I dread. because I am more of a J.D. Dorian and I like daydreams and unicorns. but you get tangled up so fast and miss the real moments.

not this time. I will give no mixed signals or doubts.

“you know, just hold the hand or give a hug or smile. that is all you’ve got to do.”

and then I thought. I can hold hands. and smile. this shouldn’t be to hard.

let’s stay zen. and hold some hands.


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