resolutions, I hardly doubt it. but things I will achieve and purchase and do and whateverelse…

♥ a picture a day for 2010: yearbook 2010
♥ learn how to write 2010 really really fast
♥ travel more and visit all the ladyfriends and the other ones as well
♥ do something really special on my birthday
♥ try to finish university and do it with grace and style
♥ buy a new SLR for the picturepleasure
♥ read more books !!!
♥ learn the funky english from hitRECords: morgan m. morgansan
♥ learn swedish, a new word each day…. I can do this !!!
♥ get my heartstuff organized
♥ get a new haircut
♥ dress better every day
♥ throw a sailor party and make cheese anchors and give-away-moustaches
♥ get a schleich icebear or a zebra or both
♥ throw a cat party
♥ buy new polaroids
♥ re-read catcher in the rye and work on the book list for your diploma!!!
♥ find out where I can do this theaterpaedagogic thingy

♥ throw away the things you no longer need and make room for new things

♥ listen to more good music

♥ watch less crap tv and spend more time on good movies

♥ be creative every day !!!


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